O Sister Soul
Dear Sister Soul
I prepare a place
For Thee and Me

I weave a Web
Of Shimmering Gold
Just reach out
It’s in your head
A home I mold
In ancient Grove

I Dance and Sing
Tho in my mind
A perfect blend
Your Heart will find
O sister soul
Dear Sister Soul

Won’t be long
Dear Earth she spins
Our Cosmic Watchers smile
The veils they thin

For you and me
Me and Thee
Long time we roam – so far from H-OM

Elohim of grace sends Silver Mist
to wake us
The Planets silently click into
Zodiac Place

Hold On Tight
Let go Easy
What seems real
Dissolves in the breezes

So what seems hard-concrete-
Will shutter and gasp
go down disbelieving

O Sister Soul
Dear Sister Soul
It’s only God
She’s in control
Mother ISIS Queen of Heaven
Holding sistrum in her hand
The Sound-The Word
Creative Urge
Shakes Creation out of slumber

So Hold on Tight
Let go Easy
Leila’s Play-seems never-ending
Moving Upward
Melting Crystal Lace

I dream of you in perfect Space
Languid in repose
by Sacred Pool
The sky electric hummingbird Blue
Gardens, Peace, and Harmony
Where you and me
Are We
And One