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On our final night, we journey up to Mt. Shasta again, to feel the majesty of the mountain under the light and energy of a full, Super Moon. Near Panther Meadows, Kumara graciously agreed to perform an activation of my crown chakra and pineal gland. Her toning into her Blue Flame Kyanite blade directed at my head, while I held my Lumerian banded crystal to my third eye, opened me in a way I have never before experienced and made way for a powerful, interactive vision that lasted several minutes—although to me time was irrelevant. Words are inadequate to fully express all that occurred. The interactive vision was multidimensional and multilayered, informative on many levels, indescribably colorful, and all my senses were fully activated and inundated with sights, sounds, feelings, and… oh, so much more.

Some parts of the vision remain vague in my conscious memory, but I know that I can access them during dream-time and occasionally during meditation. Other elements of the vision I will never forget, like watching a Merkaba atop Mt. Shasta slowly lifting into a beautiful, sunset-colored, yet star-filled sky to reveal some of the secrets held within the mountain—absolutely magical! Thank you, Kumara, for sharing your powerful talents with me, especially during the Super Moon night on Mt. Shasta.

Sarah Raymond


Kumara is a force of nature – a powerful sound healer with a huge heart. When I came to her I had been struggling with finding “my voice” for years to the point where I would be extremely self conscious about speaking up in groups or even posting something on facebook. On a physical level I would often feel a constriction in my throat (chakra). During Kumara’s Blue Flame Activation it felt like my throat chakra was being blown open like a crystal cave that was spacious, clear and sparkling. I felt a new confidence and clarity enter my being that has since allowed me to successfully coach with the type of high level clients I know I am meant to work with. SO grateful to you, Kumara!

Claudia Langford

Valeria Moore - Moore WebWorkSTILL PAIN FREE!

A couple of months ago I arranged with Kumara to do a Sound Healing on me.   We found that skype and facetime refused to work for our session.  So I put Kumara on speaker phone and she did a Sound/Crystal Healing on me.   Ahead of time she had asked that I make the space to take a nap if I needed to.  For what seemed like only a couple of minutes Kumara did her toning using the Kyanite.  I had set the intention that the healing focus on my lower back which for the last several months would lock up when I would get up from a chair.  After the session  was done we chatted for about 15 minutes.   I then started to feel as if physical structures in my body were rearranging themselves and I felt more than a little off balance.  A profound sleepiness came over my body.  I excused myself from our conversation and went into a deep sleep on the couch for two hours.   When I awoke my lower back was pain free and was not locking up.    To this day my lower back is pain and lock-up free.

Valeria Moore

The Goddess Circle
February Full Moon – Costa Rica

mark mirinovStepping up to bring Us more of Us Universally. Knowing and being that which you are, Creating and Communicating. Forming. Aligning. Transforming.

Kenneth Ballard
Bali, Indonesia

Melissa BeanBilocating Mt. Shasta Priestess Lemurian Goddess Beautiful. Divine. Strong Goddess!!! Ability to hold a large group. Beautiful Goddess Confidence.

Melissa Bean Laudiero
Modesto, CA

Emily MallonKumara calls in the Moon. Powerful beyond measure. Power. Leadership. Guidance. Togetherness. Leadership. Invitation. Inclusion. Celebration. Cosmic. Connection. Divinity. Power.

Emily Mallon
Brewster, NY

Michelle GouldConnecting Nature. Souls / Spirits / Universe. The beauty of everything that is. Thank you!

Michelle Gould
Sydney, Australia

C3 CauseyKumara, Goddess of Infinite Potential. Earth Mother. Galactic Priestess. Nature Warrior!

Dolphinman Cthree
Albuquerque, NM

Kimberly MathewsPowerful. Expansion. Totally grounding. Deep Love.

Kimberleigh Matthews
London, UK
Life Coach


Establish in yourself a Temple
of Beauty and Peace
There you will find God
and the Alter of your Soul
~Paramahansa Yogananda


Testimonials for Kumara
Costa Rica 2015

Group Presentations

Name Special Gifts Words to Describe How Did it Feel to Receive
Christine Elder
Salem, OR
Singing in silence; Bringing in the Magic Silent Song;the magic comes through feeling it was very Magical; Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful I could hear the song in my head and feel a beautiful connection with the universe.
Aurora Hammond
Sydney, Australia
Her wonderful commanding presence, the Goddess energy, her vulnerability Beautiful; all encompassing Brought about union between the members of the group (very cool)
Sally Naylor
Coral Springs, FL
Celestial Power invoking via body and in Silent Song Sharing your Big Self while your Little Self was processing It was a huge teaching to witness your shift during and through the facilitation. I see you and I see the way for me.
Katherine Bruder
St. Louis, Mo
WAHOO!! Courage Unique Magic Energy, Nature Potency Felt like the Magic Energy of your Andara Crystals!
Leslie Black
Victoria, B.C.
Dedication; combining groups from everywhere; constant commitment to opening more Motherly; Loving; Tender; Vulnerable; Blossoming Felt like I had a Mother wiping my whole, brand new animal body
Michelle Ann Gould
Sydney, Au
WOW; Powerful; Genuine Graceful; Transformative Tingling, deep relaxation
C3 Causey
Albuquerque, NM
Power of the Silence Awesome Energetic Lightness Wowsers! Dudette! Blown away!
Denise Keenan
Milwaukee, WI
You have such an Expansive and Powerful Presence Expansive Powerful Beautiful Big Opening
Susan McNeece
Oakland, CA
Healer; Sorcerer; badass open; Courageous; Totally Loving Powerful, Connected, Moving Gracious, Gifted, Loved
Debby Holmes
Loveland, CO
Energy; Vulnerability; Presence; Command Power; Expansiveness Different, can’t go to others for that; Simple, Easy, Blissful Calm, Pleasant, WOW, WOOHA
Ken Ballard
Bali, Indonesia
Moving Energy, Celestial Song Loving and Caring Soothing

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