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Blue Flame Activations

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Emissary of Divine Light & Love

The use of sound as a healing tool has been used for thousands of years by the ancients. Sound healing has taken the form of mantras, singing bowls, chanting, medicinal songs, drumming, etc.

I am a Sound and Crystal Healer specializing in large Sacred Ceremonies and personal Blue Flame Activations.

Love is the foundation of my work and the engine that drives my Passion to share from the depths of my being. My deep heart-felt desire is to assist my clients into a higher state of awareness with more Ease and Joy in their lives.

I want to merge the Power and Wisdom that provides a safe place to experience my client’s own Unique Journey; To discover who they are, and their own special gifts they choose to explore at this time in their lives.

I am here to assist you in going through all the changes to improve your Life Path:

  • I allow the Earth,Galactic, and Ancient energies to flow through me to activate personal and group initiations spontaneously.
  • I am the Bridge to More, For an Individual or Group to open up to their True Divine Potential.

One of my true Joys is traveling to Sacred Sites around the world, to give my clients Personal and Planetary Initiations in tune with Gaia and The Elementals.

Pyramids-Caves-Oceans-Lakes-Rivers-Forests are my beloved Friends and Allies in this Sacred Dance.


Benefits of Blue Flame Activation

  • A more balanced emotional body.
  • Reduction of stress, fear and doubt.
  • Greater connection with your higher self
  • Activation of your intuitive gifts and a direct experience of your personal path to self realization.
  • Release of pain held in the body to allow easy expansion.


Why I Am the One

  • I use my knowing to empower my clients to see their own solutions within.
  • My ability to connect with the Higher Realms and my clients Higher Self to facilitate their Highest and Best Results
  • I connect with many lifetimes of training to empower my clients direct experience of oneness.

See What People Are Saying

Kimberly Taylor
Thank you Kumara for the beautiful healing you facilitated. The sound penetrated to the core of my being awakening every cell of my essence. Wonderful insight was attained. I highly recommend everyone receive a treatment from Kumara!

~Kimberly Taylor

denise keenanPowerful. Sacred. Earth. Enchanting. Other Worldly. Divine.

~Denise Keenan

vicki korotnik Kumara, I experienced an amazing Gift of all the elements of the Earth from the Planets – planes of their original existence through you. You brought me into harmony and in a stronger sense of peace and clarity, but mainly I had an amazing healing and stronger sense of myself. Your planetary groundedness to the Earth and Expansion into the Universe being the conduit of truth and expansion freed me up.

~Vicki Korotnik

rosanna lp You are an Amazing, Powerful Presence that vibrated through me in a way I will always remember. You said “Portal,” “Time Travel,” and I know the planets are in alignment now. You are an amazing woman for galaxies to heal and what you channel through. Thank you. XOXO

~Rosanna LP

The Power of the Universe will come to your assistance if your Heart and Mind are in Unity
~White Buffalo Calf Woman

Surprise Free Gifts at
Meet Kumara

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