Sound/Crystal Healing
Blue Flame Activation
Session FAQs

Do I need to do anything to prepare for a session?

Sit or lay in a comfortable position and allow time to rest or nap after the session.

Can a session be done remotely?

Yes. A session can be done over skype, facetime or over a cell phone put on speaker.

What can I expect during and after a session?

Every person has their own unique experience. It all depends on the request of you and your soul. The best is yet to come. Some people feel a sense of peace, calm and gentle wave of expansiveness. Some people may not have any sensation at all.

How does a session unfold?

Each session unfolds with the request of the client and their openness to change. The Blue Flame activation is powerfully designed for maximum benefits.

How long does a healing last?

The healing lasts as long as is necessary for each client.

Can the sound healing work on multiple locations within my body?

Yes, the sound moves through cellular areas of the body, bathing the client in an energetic upgrade.


God is Alive, Magic is Afoot
~Leonard Cohen


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